The Pistachio Plant

The Pistacia vera  plant is a very long lived hearty tree that can live in excess of two hundred years but needs a full ten years of growth and development before it is able to produce fruit.  Its’general appearance is similar to the fig tree with think wide foliage. It is characterized by a short trunk, deep roots and gnarled branches that stretch out to about fifteen feet or a little more in height.

The pistachio “fruit” hangs in clusters that are similar to cherry tree clusters but much larger with significantly more “fruit”.  The unique development of the Bronte orchards which are now a mix of  “natural” or unplanned pistachio tree configurations and newer  plots where trees are set out in straight rows of modern design, are blessed with soil and climate conditions that produce fruit far superior to any other .

Attempts have been made to utilize Bronte cultivars in other regions of the world including the USA. The results have been a disappointment.