The Fruit

For the people of Bronte, the world wide recognition of the Bronte pistachio as the world’s finest pistachio nut represents a victory over tremendous hardship. For centuries these hardy people worked the land as exploited vassals. Never giving in to the grim reality of their economic circumstances, they dreamed of a better life and did all that was necessary to provide for their families.

Sustained by their commitment to protecting the land and respect for the gifts of nature, they took a site characterized by lava rock and barren soil and made it productive.

The “green gold” of the Bronte pistachio “seed” is in many ways an emblem for the city of Bronte.  It represents a degree of prosperity but more than that it demonstrates how tradition and respect for regional surroundings can combine with hard work to overcome adversity.

To be sure, the prosperity of the Bronte region relies heavily on the bounty of the pistachio plant but the bounty of the pistachio plant relies in turn, heavily on the dedication and hard work of the people of the region.